So, what is it..

A cloud based job management system

Create a lead, convert to a customer. Issue a quote based on products (kits, material, labour). Turn that quote into a job that needs booking in. Push the job to a mobile device to gather data, pictures and signatures. Complete the job, generate documents, and issue invoices. With optional sms messaging, email and post code checking.

It's in the cloud. That means there is nothing to install and no fancy boxes on site with flashing lights. All you need is a device with a web browser and you are good to go.

Smarter Jobs is designed and provided by Scoped Solutions Ltd. Our details can for found on the contact page.

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Our system can flex with you


You can create your own document templates pulling data from customers or jobs. Whether it's a quote, job completion sheet, invoice or something specific to you, you are in control.


When you create a job you can also link to it a series of questions (you know, for things like surveys, installs and the like). These are configurable by you. For example you might ask about customer benefit entitlement, details of appliances, serial numbers. You get the idea.


You know that whiteboard in the office showing the who, what and when of jobs. That's a planner. We give you the ability to create your own, with filters on job types, business roles and addresses. Planners allow simple drag and drop to move things around.

Quick Check
  • Cloud Based
  • Secure
  • Simple to use
  • Leads and Customers
  • Jobs
  • Planners
  • SMS, Email, Postcodes
  • PDF Generation
  • Data Imports
  • Custom Exports
  • Mobile App
  • Actions
  • Products


Customers are at the heart of it
Customers are at the heart of it

It all really starts with a customer. It's the jumping off point for everything about them.

From the customer we access notes, documents, actions, quotes, jobs and invoices. There's even a handy timeline to show all activity in order.

Jobs are the doing part
Jobs are the doing part

A job is something you are doing for the customer. Things like surveys, installations, remedial works or servicing.

Jobs synchronise with our mobile app so the information can be used by people out in the field.

A white board, but better
A white board, but better

Planners are where we manage who is doing what and when. You can drag and drop jobs to new dates or people. Hover over a job for more details.

You can also generate daily or weekly job print sheets.

Documents on tap
Documents on tap

Automatically generate documents such as quotes, job sheets, invoices and more.

Documents start as templates that you can create and edit. Data is then pulled from the customer or the job into the template to create the final document.

Handle jobs in the field
Handle jobs in the field

With our mobile app you can view your jobs, update and gather information, take pictures and get signatures.

Data is synchronised with the device to allow off line working.

In and Out
In and Out

Customer data can be imported into the system, auto generating jobs at the same time if needed. And there's a built in data exporter too.

£360 per month

Keeping pricing simple
  • Up to 20 User Accounts
  • Access to All Features
  • Leads + Customers
  • Quotes, Jobs, Invoices
  • Documents, Notes, Actions
  • Products
  • Planners
  • Mobile
  • Includes Email support

All prices exclude VAT which is payable at the prevailing rate. Price plan has fair use limits. Support available 9am-5pm,Mon-Fri (Exc public holidays)

Some optional features (SMS,email,postcode checker) require you to sign up for third party services (Loqate,Textlocal,Zapier)

£199 Setup + Training

One off setup fee

To get the best from the system we offer a setup and training package. This provides a web delivered training package and assistance with the configuration including templates, planners, products, questions, accounts and resources.

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